At Leadership Launch, we believe that education is an essential key to empowering young men and women to achieve their full leadership potential. Not only does education open doors to leadership opportunities, but it also empowers students to excel when seizing those opportunities. 


Our program is designed to help students build a foundation for success by establishing the habits, work ethic, skills, and sense of responsibility that will empower students to succeed in college and beyond. Therefore, we work with students to:



Leadership Launch works one-on-one with participants to set short-term educational goals (such as attendance and grade improvement) and long-term educational goals (such as graduating with a certain G.P.A., earning a scholarship, or enrolling in the college of their choice). Leadership Launch then works closely with students to achieve those goals through one-on-one accountability sessions, a unique academic incentives program, and professional mentoring and networking opportunities.



Many of our participants are first-generation college-bound students.  For this reason, it is especially important that we show our students that college can be fun, attainable, and something they should aspire to in their future.  Accordingly, many of our academic goals and incentives are designed to:


  • Get students excited about college life and potential college opportunities through college tours, sporting events, and more 

  • Prepare students to enter college through ACT / SAT support, application and essay feedback, and financial aid assistance

  • Introduce students to professional careers through professional tours, mentoring, and mock interviews 


All of these efforts are ultimately designed for the purpose of achieving students' long-term leadership goals of becoming influential leaders in their communities. 



Leadership Launch also plans quarterly activities designed to reward participants for their hard work, celebrate their achievement of short-term leadership and academic goals, and encourage participants to continue working hard toward their long-term goals.  Over the course of the five-year program, activities may include:

  • College tours

  • Collegiate sporting events

  • Performing arts events

  • Meetings with professionals in various industries

  • Tours of professional places of business

  • Fun group activities to celebrate students' achievements along the way

  • Professional sporting events


We keep the incentive program flexible so that we can tailor activities to students’ interests and long-term leadership goals.



Throughout the program, students will work closely with Leadership Launch staff members to follow through with their short-term goals at each stage of the program. This will include monthly face-to-face meetings with Leadership Launch staff members, bi-weekly email, telephone or other electronic communications, as well as other connections to encourage participants to work hard and continue meeting their short-term goals to progress toward their long-term leadership and academic goals. The accountability sessions are a time to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, mentoring, and other assistance to help ensure that students thrive academically.



Leadership Launch plans professional networking and training opportunities for participants throughout the program. Networking opportunities are designed to introduce participants to various professional fields, to inspire participants, and to demonstrate that entering these professions is an achievable endeavor. These opportunities will also allow the participants to hone their long-term goals by gaining a better sense of what everyday life is really like in these professions. Training sessions help participants further develop skills to conduct themselves in these professional settings, such as engaging in mock interviews and professional group meetings.



Each Leadership Launch student will be paired with a community mentor who is a leader in the student's community and can provide encouragement, guidance, listening, and insight to the student as someone who has taken many of the steps necessary for success that may seem challenging or overwhelming.

“Education is the mother of leadership.” ~Wendell Willkie

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