Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  But earlier submissions will be given priority, so get your applications and nominations in as soon as possible.


Initially, we are seeking students in 9th grade through their first year of college who show strong future leadership potential, but who are either first-generation college-bound students or facing significant financial or personal hardship. We are looking for students who want to benefit from the extra support, resources, and opportunities provided by Leadership Launch.




Each student should have a nomination form filled out by a leader in the applicant's local community. A leader in the community is intended to be an influential person in the applicant's life such as a teacher, counselor, coach, employer, nonprofit supervisor, religious leader, or any other person that the student esteems. The nomination form should be filled out by someone other than a member of the applicant's family. Click here to nominate an aspiring leader. 

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. 


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