"The best way to find yourself


is to lose yourself


in the service


of others." 


~Mahatma Gandhi

Contributions Matter


We will have several types of events, from BBQs to refurbishing furniture, volunteer service opportunities, family-friendly activities, and fundraising events. We also want to sell t-shirts, and offer college preparation courses.  If you have a hobby to share, own a business that can join with us, or simply have a skill that you would be willing to contribute, then we would love to connect with you.  Click here to contact us or send us a message below.   

Food, Drinks and/or Catering
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Vouchers for food and drinks
  • Special occasion cakes
  • Coffee stand
  • Advertising materials (flyers, banners, signs, letterhead, cards
  • T-shirts
  • Donate flowers for special occasions
  • Arrange flowers for special occasions
Refurbishing Furniture
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Paint
  • Paint supplies such as drop cloths, paint brushes, etc
ACT / SAT Prep
  • Help a student prepare for college entrance exams by donating a college prep course
Rewards for Achieving Goals
  • Gift cards
  • Small gifts (to put in a basket that students can choose from to recognize small accomplishments)
  • A family activity or get-away to celebrate major accomplishments
  • Computers (*Upon graduating from high school, we would like to give each student a computer to take with them to college) 

To request more information or to suggest additional ways to donate goods or services:

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