"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment

before starting to

improve the



~Anne Frank



We have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.  Please see some of the ideas listed below or send us a message about how you would like to join our team, and be sure to fill out and submit a volunteer application today.

Mentor or Tutor


We are looking for people in the Mukilteo area who are willing to mentor or tutor an aspiring leader. The goal is to meet at least once a month to build a relationship, offer support, and provide encouragement on the aspiring leader's journey.

Participate in Mock
Interviews and/or
Provide Internships


As the students progress in our program, we want to offer them opportunities to prepare for success. If you have an opportunity for one of our students or want to be notified when we are holding mock interviews, then please sign up to volunteer.

Nominate an
Aspiring Leader


  • Do you know a young person in 9th grade through the first year of college in the Mukilteo/Everett area for the 2015-1016 school year?

  • Then nominate them and send them a link to apply.

Tour Your Place of Work


  • Show five future leaders your business and tell them about your work. 

  • Answer questions about what you do and the path you took to get to where you are in your career.

Volunteer for Events


  • Leadership discussion panels for the community

  • Orientation

  • Family kick-off BBQ

  • Launch Party

  • Child care



  • Help send mailings out to people and businesses

  • Write a guest column for our Leadership Spark page

  • Write a newsletter


Volunteer Coordinator


  • Work with Leadership Launch to find and coordinate volunteers

  • Help volunteers get background checks

Social Media


Do you enjoy Instagram and tweeting? Are you on Facebook on a regular basis? Then see about volunteering to help us with our social media.

Community Passion Projects


  • Assist students with planning and/or funding their Community Passion Projects

  • Recommend projects

  • Assist students with implementing their projects (such as volunteering for the day of the event to help the students complete their project)


These projects are instrumental in helping our students practice their leadership skills and get empowered to make a difference in their communities.  We will have LOTS of ways for you to help so please join us in this endeavor.  


FUNdraising Ideas
  • "Little Leaders" summer camps

  • Three-on-three sports tournaments

  • Fun family events (bowling, roller-skating, etc.)

  • Kids' chalkboard-painting parties

  • Refurbishing furniture

    • Volunteer to teach a class on how to paint and distress furniture

    • Come participate in a class to learn how to paint and distress furniture

    • Find gently used furniture to be donated to Leadership Launch


Do you want to help with any of these events, or do you have other FUNdraising ideas?  Then become a volunteer today.


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